Monday, March 12, 2012


Monday, March 12, 2012
Again it’s Monday and I took Bailey and Jayden to swimming at the Lehi Legacy center. Bailey of course headed for her team practice. I went with Jayden to the chiropractor next door. Jayden always knows when he needs an adjustment. Dr. Tom gets a kick out of Jayden and his nonstop chatter.
From there Jayden and I got in the pool and did our thing for about an hour and quarter. I worked hard as Jayden and his new friend tried to drown me.
Last time we were there he struck up a conversation with this kid. I don’t know his name. Today I asked “Where is your family from?” He said Brazil. He looks like he could be Indian…his color and features. His sister looks Indian or Mexican.
When Bailey was finished with her practice she joined us and I had three terrorists to deal with. They keep sneaking up on me from under water, grabbing my legs and yanking until they knocked me off balance and push me under water. Then off they would run to get away from me. I didn’t try very hard to catch up with them; then the cycle started over again, and again, and again.
The boy’s sister is quite shy and will not aggressively go after me but she likes the attention when I grab her and push her under water.
Funny thing today; we were doing our thing when a young girl, maybe age eight and quite short came up to Jayden and said, “We’re alike,” And started splashing him and tackling him. He was beside himself trying to decide how to deal with her. I thought it was hilarious and went over to where Stacey was sitting on the sideline and pointed it out to her.
She thought it was funny too.