Monday, November 05, 2012


Monday, November 05, 2012
          Yesterday we had family over to celebrate Chris’ 44th birthday. Corey and Stacey took care of most of the food though Chris, as he always does, pitched in, in the kitchen as well as bringing brochette. He said that the mozzarella was in his fridge and would be bad by the time he got back in town. Niki has been sick as well as her kids though the kids are pretty much over it. Greg was in St. George on a golf trip and he is sick. In fact if I understand it right he stayed over another night there because he didn’t feel well enough to drive home. Judy and I picked up Alexa and Gavin on our way home from the airport; Judy had been back in Minneapolis to be with her mother. We visited a while then the four of us, Judy, Alexa, Gavin and I drove to our house. As a side note, Alexa is so good with Gracie that I think if she had to she could take care of her on her own.

          We hadn’t been home long when Stacey and Corey and Bailey and Jayden showed up and Corey went right to work making dinner.

          Gavin is terrified of our cat jasmine and not too nuts about Lily. I think he would have been all right with Lily if he hadn’t had so many run-ins with Jasmine. Gavin who is a Grandpa’s boy anyway insisted I hold him when I was sitting and carry him when I was up and about. I’m afraid I wasn’t much help getting dinner ready.     
For a long time Gavin was holding himself the way kids do when they need to go to the bathroom. I kept trying to get him to go to no avail. Finally he said “OK, if you will go with me.” We went in the basement bathroom and shut the door behind us. At that point Gavin said “Don’t Look” so I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes. He kept repeating the “Don’t look” thing over and over again. Finally I could no longer hear him peeing and I was about to open my eyes when he said, “Don’t look; I’m still shaking (my penis).” That cracked me up and of course I had to discreetly tell Corey and Stacey and I think, Judy.