Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Yesterday on the way to swim via Beto’s, Jayden said “Grandpa, do you know the song, ‘There’s a place in France where the women don’t wear pants?’”
I answered Yes and sang the first verse; the only one I know.
He said, “I made up two new verses. Do you want to hear them?”
I answered Yes.
(I don’t remember the exact wording but it went something like this.)
“There’s a place in France where the naked women dance; but they were so fat I moved to Utah.
“There’s a place in Utah were the naked women dance: but they were so fat and ugly I’m going to move back to France.”
It was an extra early out day at school so even via Beto’s then the Chiropractor we still got Bailey to swim an hour early. She ended up helping the coach put in the lane dividers. The coach unreeled them while Bailey swam on her back pulling them to the other end of the pool and hooking them up. She really swam fast for the circumstances.
Before swim, Bailey and I watched Jayden get adjusted by Dr. (Tom) Allen. When he was done, Bailey said “I want to try that” and she jumped on the table or whatever you call it and Tom adjusted her. She was afraid to have him adjust her neck but he said, “Let just check your neck.” Then when it came to the neck part he told her to look up to the corner of the room and he “popped” her and she was just fine.