Monday, October 29, 2012


Monday, October 29, 2012
Today I drove to Provo Town Centre Mall to check out my new favorite bookstore. It is on the upper level of the mall near Dillard’s. I can’t remember the name of the bookstore but it is run by a high priest. In fact he taught the lesson in Priesthood Meeting yesterday. he has a lot of good deep-thinking type books including the ones I bought while back and today. The last one is Spiritual Vision by Cohan and Cohan. The first Cohan was a Jewish rabbi who converted to the LDS Church while serving as a dentist in Korea during the war. The one I bought today, God’s Covenant Race was written by or a compilation of church talks by James H. Anderson the second edition was printed in 1938. He was called as a member of the General Board of the Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association in 1907. He was born in Salt Lake City 11 February 1857.
The book is pretty deep…the kind I like. I am just getting started…we shall see.

The reason I started this entry; before I got distracted is to tell you I got a text from Corey while I was in the mall. It reads, “You should come out to JC Penney and buy me some new jeans since I just ripped the butt out of mine and don’t have any money to buy myself some.”

When I was deciding to go to the mall, I was thinking I should go to Southtowne Mall but I decided to go to the other one instead because that is where my book store is. I texted him back and told him I was on my way. The “RIP” (rest in peace?) was huge, maybe eight inches long.


Sunday, October 28, 2012
Judy has been in Minneapolis for a week or so being with her mother Bev while she is in he hospital. She had a disc that they worked on because leg problems; collapsing etc. today supposedly the were to a CAT Scan on her brain to see there are problems because some of if not all her symptoms are still manifesting themselves. She is wearing a catheter and hasn’t had a bowl movement the last I heard. The last I heard they are going to put her in a facility where they will help her get up and around and with any other needs.
At that point Judy will come at least for a while. She is hoping that will be tomorrow; Monday.
I have been spending a lot of time with Corey and family. We had lunch together Friday (?) at Joy Luck or Sum Dum Luc as I call it. Last night Corey and Stacey went on a date. I don’t remember the name, but it sounded like a lot of violence. Jayden and Bailey stayed over a my house while they were at the movie. The intent was that they would sleep over.
We watched funny You Tube movies for a long time laughing. At first it was funny cats like cats falling in the water and running away. One cat climbed into a small garble ball; stuff like that. It went from cats to dogs or cats starring down dogs and the like. Finally I put in ear plugs and a mask over my eyes and fell asleep. When I woke up it was dark and quiet. The kids had gone to bed in the small bedroom.

After while Bailey came into my bedroom and asked if she could sleep with me…she said that “Jaden won’t stop talking.”

Jay said that he would sleep for a few minutes and then wake up…over and over again.

After their movie was over, Stacey texted Jayden to see how they were doing. Jayden said that he couldn’t sleep. She asked him if he wanted to go home. He said yes so then swung by our house and got the kids and took them home.

Today Bailey was supposed to say a part in the Primary Sacrament Meeting today. She was well prepared though she hadn’t gone to any of the practices. This morning Corey was hoarse and generally feeling bad so none of them went to church. Good thing they told me so I wouldn’t drive up there for nothing. I got dressed and was to our church in time for choir practice. It turned out that my bedroom clock was an hour show. It is old and programmed to change time automatically for Day Light Saving Time each spring and fall. The problem is that they decided to make daylight saving to last longer in the fall and start sooner in the spring.
I got to church fifteen minutes after the meeting had started. I got the water but not the bread. The choir sang after the first speaker; Scott Johnson of the bishopric. At that time the choir sang. Even though I had been to no practices and had never seen the music I went up and joined them. The music was easy and I had no problem with it. In the last couple of years or so I have gotten to where I have no problem finding the bass notes and usually the tenor. I sometimes can sing with the altos with my falsetto. After the choir, Bishop Hanson spoke and was followed by Brother Gonzales who is in the high counsel and from our ward. He is quite the wit. They are from a small city (I think) in Argentina and he was made a bishop when he was very young. He said that his ward was very poor and that he made the people promise to pay a full tithing and told them that if they needed help after paying their tithing they would give then whatever assistance they needed. They all accepted the challenge and none of them ever came back for assistance.
As a side note; I was speaking with his wife a few weeks back and said something about her husband’s sense of humor. She laughed and said that when they were dating, she almost didn’t marry him because he was too funny.
He is a super funny-nice and their three sons are just like him.
Tonight Jayden invited me to their house for dinner at seven. Corey made an excellent white bean and chicken chili. It was excellent and I brought some of the leftovers home with me.
Bailey and I played catch with a 5-6 inch orange soft plastic ball. After that Bailey got Corey’s i-pad (probably a different brand) and we played games and such on a Disneyland app. When I was getting ready to leave for home, Bailey said “It’s so much fun when Grandpa comes over!”

I was—flattered of course.