Saturday, October 13, 2012


Saturday, October 13, 2012
                Today Corey called and asked if I could take the back seats out of my van and meet him and family in Orem. They had sold the massage chair that was in their bedroom; rather the seating area of their bedroom on the other side of the fireplace wall. For nearly the same price they found a nice (used I’m sure) brown leather couch with end pieces that recline.
                We ate lunch at CafĂ© Rio on State Street Orem just north of Center Street.
                After eating we went next-door (nearly) bought the couch and had them load it into the van. It fit just right. I drove it to their place and backed into their driveway behind them. They pulled all the way into the garage ahead of me. Before I could come around to help, Stacey had hold of one end of the couch and Corey reached through the back door grabbed the couch and lifted it to help push it out the other end.
                As he did so he pulled something in his back.
                They still managed to get it through the front door of the house and into the living room.
                At about that time, their next-door neighbor lady knocked on the door and asked if they could give her a ride to the Jordan Valley Regional Hospital. She said her husband had had a heart attack and she didn’t drive. I think they are from Eastern Europe or something.
                I don’t know how that all turned out. I drove home shortly thereafter.
                I guess my whole point of this is to say that Jayden was lying on the couch in their family room talking to Kate. Jayden was given his cell phone back and since his parents insist they get to read all his text messages he has gotten really open about him and Kate. I guess they have even said “I love you.” When Stacey “teased” him about it he replied, “It’s only thirteen year old love.” (She’s only twelve.)
                I understand they have talked about meeting at lunch time at school and kissing.
                Personally I think it is a hoot and secretly want to encourage it. There is no doubt in my mind that it will not get overly serious. They don’t “plan” on getting serious until they are sixteen. I would have to assume that that would be age seventeen for Jayden since he is a year older than her.
                That takes me back to the one girl in his class a year ago that enter in her blog about liking Jaden and even used the “F” word. The using the “F” word in her blog was meant for her girl friend to read. Jayden found out about it from another girl in his class and he told Corey and Stacey about it.

                That relationship ended real soon!!!