Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Tuesday, August 07, 2012
            Today Chris called and asked if everyone could meet at our house and a have party…or however he worded it. He and Lyn and Wyatt and Cade were on their way back from Yellowstone. It sounds like they had a good time camping. At least they have a pop-up trailer to make it a little more comfortable. I guess I am way too old for sleeping on the hard, hard ground.

Niki, Gavin and Gracie came next. Niki was in charge of desert (chocolate brownies) and setting the tables. She put me in charge of taking care of Gracie. For a  little less than eight month old she really has the personality including “dancing”; bouncing her head up and down and beating her hands on the ground in tune with the music. Of course Alexa is dancing and being a role model.

            Corey, Stacey, Jayden and Bailey came next. Jayden and Bailey ended up staying overnight. Three year old Gavin considered staying overnight to but decided not to.

            Lyn showed off the engagement ring Chris got her. It is so big she needs a wheelbarrow to carry it around in. they are planning on getting married a year from this coming October or thereabouts. That way, Brad, her ex-husband can’t pull any shenanigans and stop the boys from being there. They are going to be married at Log Haven or thereabouts…they are hoping for fall colors.

            I asked Lyn how Cade was taking this getting married thing (He was standing near-by). She said fine. I said “; What about Wyatt?”

            She said, “Surprisingly, he is more enthusiastic about it than Cade.” …Boy, what a relief.

            Every time they come over, Wyatt asks if Jayden is going to be there. They get along famously. Last night they spent a lot of time in “our” bedroom playing video games. Jaden seems to be a wiz at them.

            Later they decided to wrestle. They were downstairs where the rest of us were at this time. Wyatt is a lot bigger than Jayden; but Jayden is very wiry and street savvy. He had Wyatt down and on top of him in a flash.

            I asked Jayden about it later. He said that he and  Gage practice a lot  and have a lot of set moves.

            Gavin was in my arms nearly the whole night. Albeit he is afraid of our cats Lily and Jasmine…but he could have run to his parents instead of me…I am flattered of course.

            He is always this way. About his favorite thing to do is go to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point with me.