Monday, May 28, 2012




Monday, May 28, 2012

                Last night before dark Judy and went to Jupiter park for a bit of picnic with Corey and his family. Afterwards they came over to our house and Corey and Stacey and Bailey went over to the pool for a while. I think Bailey just swam while Corey and Stacey got in the hot tub. It was pretty chilly at the park so I’m sure the hot tub felt good. 
                Earlier in the day they, including Buddy their Australian Sheppard went up the Alpine Loop to see if they could find a camping spot. All they found was at the snow line and only unimproved spots; a fire pit dug put no cement and no picnic table. They said it was freezing so they came back home.
                At our house last night I showed Stacey my “Jayden” journal; stuff I have been keeping on him since he was born. I have done that for all my kids and grandkids.

                After that I pulled up the video clips I have on my computer of their family and they laughed and laughed and played a couple of them over and over again. They especially liked the one at Old Town Albuquerque and little Jayden and Bailey running back and forth yelling La Cucaracha.
Monday, May 28, 2012
                This morning I walked to Redwood Road and back. My app kept turning off at first but when I finally got it going, it said I walked 41:46 minutes for 1.97 miles, burned 196 calories and walk an average speed of 2.8 mph. 3167 steps.
Earlier today we had sandwiches at Thanksgiving Point then saw Men in Black with Corey and family.