Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Wednesday, October 10, 2012
                Corey called me and said he was going to forward something that he was sure I would want to put in Jayden's and Corey’s and Bailey’s journals. He gave me the following preface information.
                Corey said that Jayden is doing well in school except math and except turning in all his papers. He said that he turned in two papers to two different teachers and upped his grades in those classes to an A and a B respectively. (I hope I got that right.)
                That leaves math. He is behind quite a few pages in math that haven’t been turned in. Corey found out about it last night and really chewed Jayden out.
                Later the following occurred:
Stacey to Corey: Seriously how cute is are (our) daughter, I found it sitting in front of Jayden’s door this morning with a controller on top of it
Thank you,
                                              (In Bailey's handwriting.)
Dear Jayden,
I am sorry I yelled at you. I was just upset with you cause your failing your classes.
            Now I know it’s been ruff on you lately. It was hard enough when I was thirt-teen so I decided to write you a note and I am giving you my most priced (prized) controller I have had it since I was four and I want you to have it. It may look like the one that Bryce gave you. But it’s not. Now I love you.
Love your Father
Corey dean Jepson
                                    Family is forever (in a big heart)

Yea, Well

Sunday, October 07, 2012
Yesterday Greg and Niki with the kids came over to eat and work on the basement bedroom; preparing and painting. Judy had picked out a light yellow which appears; to me at least, to have a hint of lime green in it.  Greg did most of prep work including taking Jim’s rustic shelves down, patching holes, taking stuff off the top shelf in the closet etc. He taped around the edges so we wouldn’t get paint on the ceiling or baseboards.
                Corey and Stacey and their two came before Greg was quite finished and he and Stacey took over the painting. Bailey loves to paint and she and; I think Jayden; maybe Alexa painted the walls in the closet. They also painted stars and other designs on one wall in the main room which of course got painted over later.
                Did I mention that Alexa and Bailey and Jayden slept over Saturday night?
                I think I got a little confused on what happened on which day.
                Jayden’s cell phone kept announcing when Kate had sent him another text message.
                Kate is twelve years old and in his school. They are both in the seventh grade. She lives a couple of blocks away from Jayden’s (and his family’s) old house in Eagle Mountain Town Center.
                Bailey told me that she has used Jayden’s cell to text Kate also. She said that Kate wants to meet her.
                I guess the other day Jayden was going to meet up with Kate at school and “hang out” for a while, but Jayden got a white paper (?) from one of his teachers so they didn’t get to do it.
Kate’s parents think she is texting one of her girl friends. Corey had to promise his parents that they could read his and Kate’s texts so he has gotten pretty open about their relationship. He sometimes gets a little red (embarrassed) but not bad.
Saturday after they were finished working and eating, Judy and Corey and his family went cloths shopping. Niki had given them some (strong) suggestions as to what she thought they should be wearing for picture taking. Today, Corey and Stacey and Jayden and Bailey; all decked out in denim and blues and yellow went looking for just the right setting; in the shade for picture taking. I guess Niki took a bunch of them. As of tonight she had one of them published on her facebook and, I think on her blog. It really turned out nice.
Gavin was clinging to me much of the time he was here. He is frightened of Jasmine one of our two cats. She hisses at the kids and reaches out to claw them; good thing we had her and her nice twin sister Lily declawed when we first got them. Part of the time at least, Jasmine was locked up the little; upstairs bedroom.
Anyway the paint job turned out really nice, though we need to buy another gallon and do some touchup and finish the inside of the closet.
                I ended up with three batches of dishes to take care of and I cleaned the paint brushes, pans and rollers.
I never feel well so I just did what I could when I could. Funny, Jayden and Bailey took turns sitting with me much of the time. I feel we are really close; like Gavin and me.