Friday, October 12, 2012


Friday, October 12, 2012
                 Just before 11:00 this morning, Corey called me and asked his usual, “Can you do me a HUGH favor.” Or “Can I ask you do me a HUGH favor?”
                (Sometimes I wish he would just say “Dad, I/we have such and such a situation, would you/or would you mind helping me out with...?) Just kidding, but it has gotten to be a joke with me.
                This time it was, “The kids just called. They went upstairs to watch TV and let Buddy go up with them…”
They thought they had locked the two cats in Jayden’s room so they went in to Bailey’s room with Buddy in tow to watch TV. Mia, one of the cats was in there and Buddy jumped at her barking. It gets a little fuzzy from here, but, I guess Mia jumped over the big doll house Grandpa Wayne had made for Stacey when she was little, and Ginnie later updated and gave to Bailey. Anyway, the kids said that Mia bounced back and forth between the dollhouse and the wall several times then fell over one eye open and one eye closed and her tongue sticking out of one corner of her mouth. Bailey carried her out from behind the dollhouse and laid her on the floor. I don’t know if she was dead at that point or shortly thereafter. Jayden checked for breathing and a heartbeat and announced that she was dead. (I just talked to Jayden. He said that he poked her, she stood up and fell back over.)
                They were bawling and blaming themselves for what happened; for instance Jayden blamed himself because it was his idea to let Buddy go upstairs.
By the time I got there, Buddy was in his kennel in “timeout” and Bailey and Jayden were in the room crying.
                Mia was dead but still warm. For a second I thought she was a little rug on Bailey’s bedroom floor.
Bailey said that in the past, Mia has sat on the couch with Buddy sitting on the floor by her with no problem.
Before I got there, Bailey said a prayer and that made Jayden cry.
Later, Jayden made some jokes about it to make Bailey laugh, but it was too soon and it made her cry more. Later she would joke about it and laugh and then start crying…this went on for some time…laugh then cry, laugh then cry.
I asked Bailey to get me a garbage bag. I put Mia in it and Jayden put it on the floor of the garage.
I asked if they wanted to go to lunch with their dad. They said yes and decided on Astro Burger. Actually Jayden decided on Astro Burger. Bailey and I didn’t care but Jayden called his dad on my cell phone, and told him that the three of us wanted to go to Astro Burger. Corey said “fine” and that he would meet us there. We called him again when we were close. Jayden thought Corey said that he was already there. He wasn’t but showed up soon after we got there.
(Jayden is grounded from his phone for not turning in all in homework papers.)
Corey called Stacey and told her what had happened and invited her to go to lunch with us. Astro is just across the street from her work. I guess she was in bad shape worrying about Bailey and Audrey, her manager told her to take the rest of the day off.
We ate and visited. The kids felt better and even Bailey was cracking jokes intermingled with sad looks and a few tears.
They decided that after Corey got off work, they would take Mia to the mountains and bury her. It is raining. That should be some fun. I just as soon they don’t invite me but I don’t think they will anyway.
Just a side note, Kate has called Jayden and they have talked. She put her cousin Trace who was at her house on the phone and he and Jayden talked for a while. Jayden said that he is nice/cool. He also said he talked to Kate’s brother Max and Jayden likes him too. I think Kate is just as infatuated with Jayden as he is with her. I think I told you that Bailey has “talked” to Kate (texted) and that Kate wants to get together with Bailey so they can get to know each other better.