Tuesday, April 17, 2012

what a day

                It started out as a dark rainy windy day and I didn’t sleep well last night so as Judy suggested “it looks like a good daIt started out as a dark rainy windy day and I didn’t sleep well last night so as Judy suggested “it looks like a good day to sleep in.” 

I couldn’t sleep I kept twitching and tossing and turning so I got up and got on the computer, checked my weight, my blood sugar and my blood pressure. My weight was up; has been for a few days but after today and all the time I spent in the bathroom I am thinking…hoping it will be down. I didn’t eat today except one apple and two jalapeƱo slices…I also read for a while in the Old Testament…the book of Zechariah.

Later in the afternoon the sky cleared, the sun came out and there was but a slight breeze. It was 52 degrees so I forced myself to go for a walk. It has been that way all my life…hard to get going. I walked to Redwood Road then south to the Centennial building. That’s what everyone calls the LDS chapel that’s there on the corner. I came home the shorter way. My knees were hurting a little…less as the walk went on…I was careful with them. I walked 4.1 miles in an hour and 27 minutes at an average speed of 2.8 mph and burned 407 calories…I have an app on my phone that keeps track of the data.

I was about a third of the way home when Corey called and asked where I was. I told him. He said to hurry up and get home. “We are going to PF Chang’s in Orem to eat.” As an afterthought he said “Take time to shower and put on deodorant, when you sweat you stink bad.” (I got that from my father…phew.)

Dinner was good we ordered four dishes and shared them. I got Salt and Pepper shrimp. It came with a spicy dipping sauce. Stacey complained about it being too hot. Jayden said, “Watch Mom” he grabbed one of the shrimp dipped it in the sauce to the point of saturating it and put it in his mouth. “Umm good!” He can handle the heat. Corey mentioned that when they go to a certain Mexican restaurant that has food that is “too” spicy for a lot of people, Jayden gets the spicy burrito and gobbles it down, no problem. Tonight he ate five or six shrimp and each time he would say, “Watch Mom!” After the first couple of times she turned her head not to look. She couldn’t bear seeing him do it.

Bailey wasn’t feeling so well and didn’t eat very much of her children’s menu chicken. Stacey said that Bailey did very well at swim-team practice.