Friday, September 28, 2012


Friday, September 28, 2012
                Wednesday on our way to swim, Bailey said “I going to start concentrating. I get distracted.” This is talking about swimming, listening to the coach, trying harder etc. I told Corey about our conversation and he said that they had a talk about that. She did better at swim that night.
                Last night we ate at CafĂ© El Lago. While we were there Jayden was texting on his cell phone. Either Corey or Stacey asked him who he was texting. He started to deny it then blushing he said something about, “You know anyway, I was texting Kate.”
                This afternoon Jayden and I went to Game Stop to trade in some old video games for a newer one. We got back on the subject of Kate and texting. He told me that they agreed not to date until they are sixteen, then if she is not “engaged”; I think that was the word he used, they will get together; date or however he worded it. In the meantime they will keep texting.
                Tuesday at my session, I told my therapist’s (and buddy by now) Jay about my keeping journals for my children and grandchildren. He said wow; I’m going to start doing that.
                He was especially impressed when I told him about how many hundreds of pages they each have.