Monday, April 09, 2012


Sunday, April 08, 2012

It has been a few days since I have checked in.
Friday, I pick Bailey up from school and drove her to swim team at the LLAC via Burger King. While we were driving she announced that “today” was maturation day at school. She had a bewildered look on her face. She didn’t really enjoy it especially the part where they taught the girls how to use a Tampon.
I asked if they had doughnuts afterwards. She said they had cake and punch.
I have been on her about Good Better and Best, mainly we were talking about swimming. Her response is always Good Better and Who gives a crap. But at swimming this time she was the first instead of last to push away from the end and start towards the other end, and she pushed it pretty hard though not her best every time. There is one BIG kid that usually beats her to the other end but his technique is terrible, he’s just really big. There is another kid (who, Friday was in the next lane) who was pretty much stride by stride with Bailey. When Bailey was really “pushing it” she would zoom past him; when she settled into her easy pace he would pass her up. It went back and forth that way for the entire forty-five minutes.
Either Corey or Stacey said that the coaches would like to put her onto the white team except they feel she has missed too many practices. Stacey has been holding her out of Wednesdays so she can get some work done around the house; but it is nice that they think she is good enough to move up a notch. I was pleased that she has been giving some credence to what her parents and I have been telling her about trying harder; especially since we think she has potential to be a really good swimmer.
Last night at our pool, Corey asked her to see if she could swim all the way to the bottom of the deep end; ten feet down if I am not mistaken. A minute later Corey yelled to me to come watch. Albeit she was wearing her cut off flippers they use in team practice, but still she was going from floating on top of the water to touching the bottom with her hands in somewhere between one and two seconds. She raced her dad across the pool and beat him by about half a body length.
Jayden swam down to the bottom but came up with his ears killing him. It hurt for a while but it went away after awhile.
Stacey was laughing…or speaking in a bewildered tone of voice about taking Jayden to see the chiropractor. She had never been there before. It had always been me who has taken him. She said. “We walked in and I waited at the counter for someone to talk to us. To my surprise, Jayden walked in said, ‘Hi Tom” signed in on the sheet and walked back to the table. He laid down the way he is supposed to and ‘Tom’ worked on him. Dr. Allen said ‘you must be his mother, where is Fred?”
“He did his adjusting and Jayden got up. When he was finished, Jayden said, ‘Tom how many do I have left’. He looked at his records and said, ‘five’” I have been prepaying ten at a time. He has a deal that if you do that, it amounts to $15.00 a visit instead of $20.00.
Stacey was amazed at the way Jayden handled himself. I’ll bet it didn’t surprise Tom any after all the times he has adjusted him. He has even said that Jayden knows when to come in by the way his back feels. I suppose he has gotten over the surprise at how talkative Jayden and Bailey are.
Janette and her two youngest are/were in town staying at Mike and Nikki’s so we invited everyone to our house for dinner and a visit. Janette, Adam and Kate came as did Mike, Ryan and Matt. There were Corey and his family, Niki and gang though Greg showed up late. He had a golf match. Austin brought Molly and Sierra and Mark each drove separately. Mark was sporting a new hairdo it was short on the sides and went straight up and was flat on the top; rather high. He being half Fijian, his hair is kinky. I told him “If the floor gets dirty I will turn you upside down and use you for a mop.”
Molly finally has a boyfriend. She is quite embarrassed and won’t talk about it and I decided not to push the issue like I am want to. (I don’t even know what his name is or anything about him. After questioning her she as much as said he is in her school; she just got red when I asked her if he was.) She had a big silly grin on her face all night.
She and Sierra stayed overnight.
We had chicken half breasts stuffed with asparagus, green onion, mozzarella etc., funeral potatoes and of course chips and dip hors d'oeuvres etc.
Christina couldn’t come because Kyra is into gymnastics and they were going to a meet at the University of Utah.

Some time ago when I had Gavin at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point we got silly and started singing, Gavin/or Gavin and Grandpa/ or Grandpa up in a tree eating potato chips, then laugh. Last night Gavin came up to me and said “Do you know the song about monkey’s jumping on the bed?” I answered that I did. He then said he made up a new song and sang it to me. ‘Two little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and landed in a tree.’” I thought that was quite an imagination for a three-year old.
Jayden made up a new song too a week or so ago…how did that go? Hmm. Oh yea. I don’t remember the exact words but it amounted to this: “
There’s a place in France where the naked women dance; but they were so fat I moved to Utah.
“There’s a place in Utah were the naked women dance: but they were so fat and ugly I’m going back to France.”
From a 12-year old.
Last night Gracie was really alert and active; looking at everyone and smiling. She is holding her head quite well on her own…it won’t be too long before she starts making up songs.