Friday, June 22, 2012

from my therapist

Jay Steineckert (
Thu 6/21/12 1:28 PM

Dear Fred, you are really getting in touch with some sadness inside and I am glad you are talking to me and to your friend Emily. Is she a friend? You are right that it is good for you to talk to someone about your feelings, someone that cares and understands and shuts up and lets you talk. So good job. How often do you get the message ? About your questions of being possessed or having a multiple personality disorder, I will be able to tell you for sure about both of those next time you come. I think you do not have either, but I do think there are two Freds....the Fred that you manage and that everyone sees and is nice to everyone and feels obligated to take care and befriend everyone. Then there is the other Fred, the real guy, the one no one sees, and he is deep inside and we love him and want him to come out more...but he is sad and angry and hurt. Jay